The staff at the Women's Prison were a small and dedicated all-female team. Due to the nature of their work, their job was to be their priority and they were to keep their work and private lives very separate. The exception to this was that the matron and her family lived on-site in a cottage outside the front gate, with a trusted prisoner sometimes performing housekeeping duties there. 


Two weeks of theoretical training took place before on-the-job training commenced. The matron expected her staff to give and command respect, be punctual, well presented, work as a team, and to not pity the inmates whilst being patient, fair and compassionate in their dealings with them


Shifts ran on a 24 hour schedule - 9am to 9am, including rests - until the transfer to Bandyup Prison when three shifts were introduced. The officers oversaw the prisoner work duties, as well as the reception. Around midnight, a Men's Division officer checked up on the single night shift officer.